Washington County
McIntosh Elementary School McIntosh, AL
Fresh Market   
Our school recently had a fresh market day. Students were exposed to fruits that they typically would not otherwise. Students...

New Web Feature!   
  SCHOOLinSITES App!!!   Available for Smart Phones and Tablets  There is a new SCHOOLinSITES app (SiS...

Washington County Mission   
Washington County Mission Statement The Mission of the Washington County Board of Education is “Excellence in Education”...

School Year 2013-2014   

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Cyber Bullying   
Is it really a big deal? Please keep reading.

Parent and Teacher Links   
Here are a list of some websites to help you stay informed Alabama Department of Health Governor's Office No Child Left...

FAUCET Program   
Pouring Out the Fun!

Need to check the weather? Click on the link and it will direct you to the Weather Channel.                           ...